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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is perhaps the best known of all the Wu Dang practices, especially in the West. Tai Chi is an ancient system of exercise, first developed in the Wu Dang Mountains of China.

By loosening the joints and spine to relax points of tension in the body, Tai Chi can help prevent and cure disease and strengthen the digestive, circulatory and skeletal systems.

Along with the physical benefits of Tai Chi, it is often described as a ‘moving meditation’ because its slow, turning motions relieve stress, improve concentration, and create a sense of peacefulness.

Qi Gong

Qi is the vital energy or life force that is inside and outside the body. Gong means to make it work and to produce energy.

In Qi Gong, the practitioner trains the mind to direct Qi on the inside and outside of the body to produce  healing results. Qi Gong is an art based on the personal development of body and mind.

Qi Gong was created by the Chinese people in response to the challenges of life, labor and the fight against disease and aging. It has the function of preventing and curing disease; protecting and strengthening health and increasing longevity.

Cindy Scircle

Cindy Scircle

Tai Chi Teacher

“Being a practitioner has helped me live a happier and healthier life. I feel it is very important to share with others the benefits of this ancient knowledge.”

Cindy has studied with Yun Xiang Tseng (Master Chen) since April of 2002.  Her training includes Taoist philosophy, Wu Dang 52 movement Tai Chi, and Wu Dang Qi Gong Teacher Certification.

She is dedicated to delivering authentic, accurate and traditional training that comes directly from the birth place of internal martial and healing arts. Over 25 years experience as an educator and mental health professional gives Cindy a warm, intelligent and interactive teaching style. 

She creates an enjoyable and comfortable learning environment adapting to the needs of the students or audience.

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