About Leavenworth Yoga Co-op

We are a community-minded, love-filled yoga studio that embraces your freedom, your growth and your joy.

Located in the heart of downtown Leavenworth, KS, Leavenworth Yoga Co-op is devoted to enhancing the lives of all. We do this by offering a beautiful historic studio space for classes, workshops, massage therapy, teacher training, private lessons, or other wellness activities.

We believe in the necessity of a flexible wellness studio that will meet you wherever you are in your practice. That is why we have never required long-term contracts to practice with us, and we never will.

The studio is designed with everyone in mind. We want to break down the barriers, strip away any preconceived notions about yoga, and create a safe and solid practice for everyone. The LYC is truly for every shape, every size, every age, and every person – a non-judgmental space for all.

Our teachers and wellness practitioners are our greatest strength. We have specifically welcomed and partnered with instructors and massage therapists who are positive, attentive, available, and experts in their field. Each one of them brings something unique and powerful to the studio. We are a cooperative business. LYC gives instructors the platform to create their own programs, teach what they love, share their authentic voice, and do all of this without the restrictions of a studio’s format or dogma.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life or how your body is feeling, we are here to serve you. Join us as you move your body, breathe mindfully, and open yourself to unlimited possibilities within a community focused on enhancing life through the practice yoga.