Reiki treatments

with Diane

What is Reiki?


It is an ancient “hands-on” healing technique used by healers to ease any ailment that we may suffer from; emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. A treatment usually results in relaxation, even sleep, to allow for a greater healing.


What happens in a Reiki session?


Reiki is a transference of healing energy and love from the practitioner to the recipient. The treatment is done completely clothed, on a massage table. The practitioner will gauge the comfort level of the client and either hover or gently place her hands on the energy centers of the body. The practitioner will hold those places until the body is in a healing state.

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A Reiki treatment lasts for 1 hour and costs $40.00.
To make your appointment for Reiki healing services, call or text Diane at 913-424-2893.

Diane Sodders

Diane Sodders

Reiki Master and RYT-200 Yoga Teacher

Diane Sodders has a Masters Degree in Teaching and is a certified massage therapist for 12 years, Reiki Master for 7 years, Wholistic Energy Healer for 10 years and yoga instructor for 1 year.

Diane came to yoga about 10 years ago through a need to heal chronic illness. Through yin and restorative yoga, Diane was able to find peace through her pain.  In 2015, she enrolled in yoga teacher training at her home studio, at the time, Darling Yoga.  She was taught and can teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Chair, Restorative and Yin for all levels, but her passion is to teach beginners, those who struggle with body image issues or have chronic pain or illness.  Diane earned her 200RT from Darling in December of 2015 and has been teaching at the Co-op since August of 2016.

Diane believes that when we surrender on the yoga mat, we surrender that which we are resisting…and when we stop resisting, we start healing.  This may happen the first time one visits their mat and it may happen the 1000th time one visits their mat.  All that yoga asks of us is to visit the mat. Diane also believes in a joyous yoga practice, so she encourages laughter and fun in each practice.  Her practices include extra time to get in and out of postures, holding them for longer time periods to allow for muscle lengthening and body opening and gentle and relaxing playlists. Her intention is to always hold space for those in her class, that they may do what is theirs to do on the mat.

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